• Quick and seamless application process
  • Online payment facility with detailed payment reports
  • Automatic management of permissions upon payment approval
  • FAQs

Easy access and download of course material:

  • Course notes in PDF-format with editable areas to add and save study notes
  • Audio and video, eg interviews with trainers and experts, course overviews, tutorials, podcasts, links to YouTube videos and more
  • Related links and documents to related content, articles, case studies or RSS feeds
  • ‘For fun’- exercises for those eager students who want to delve even deeper
  • Guide students in terms of estimated time required to complete course units
  • Discussion forums (informal or mandatory) simulate classroom interaction with fellow students and trainers

Test students’ understanding of the course content with:

  • Self-assessment tests providing immediate results and feedback
  • Formal automated multiple-choice tests
  • Quantitative and qualitative assignments

Back-end access for trainers to provide feedback and assign marks


Students can track their progress with overview dashboards:

  • Activities completed within each course unit
  • Progress within total course module
  • Results for self-assessment tests, formal tests and assignments

Calendar with important dates to help students pace their workload

Reporting for trainers on class progress and results for tests/assignments


  • Students can study anywhere and at any time via the Internet in a convenient, self-paced, flexible and interactive learning environment.
  • Reduce time spent away from the office as students can choose when to study.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating expensive external training courses, unnecessary commuting and the purchase of text books.
  • Build an extensive knowledge base within your own company and promote knowledge transfer.
  • Track students’/employees’ progress and create individual study plans to support your retention strategy.
  • Reduce trainer’s workload with self-assessment tests where results are immediately available.