WebEasy - a powerful and easy to use content management system


  • Non-technical people can create, update and maintain content
  • Inline editor toolbar allow for full customisation of content
  • Documents, files and images are managed in one central location
  • Advanced workflow to manage content approval process
  • Browser based access at any time from anywhere using any online device
  • Cascading style sheet (CSS) functionality allows for customisable templates
  • Protect your corporate identity by pre-setting formatting styles eg headings, body copy, tables etc

Choose from a comprehensive toolbox of features to manage:

  • News and events
  • Document store
  • Configurable forms
  • Audio, video and image galleries
  • Social media integration
  • Discussion forums
  • RSS and other feeds

All features allow for search engine optimisation (SEO)


  • Easily maintain your website to be a fresh and engaging showcase that will ensure return visitors (in other words, don’t spend money on IT support each time you need to update your website).
  • Keep content current without compromising live website security, quality or ‘look and feel’.
  • Content can be structured (configurable using meta-data) or unstructured (HTML).
  • Ensure complete control with set permissions and content versioning.
  • Control the content life-cycle with publication and automatic archiving on specified dates.
  • Content is categorised and indexed to provide advanced search functionality.
  • Customisable to suit your requirements; advanced applications can be added as and when required.